About Us

I, the owner of PurpleGifts.com, writing about a topic that’s close to my heart – purple gifts and products. I handpick purple products from online marketplace which can be of use as gift item for people obsessed with purple color.

Sometimes it’s hard enough trying to make sense of what your supermarket has in stock without having to go through all the confusing layers of information when it comes to purchasing a personal care product.

At PurpleGifts, we try our best to offer neat tools which help you find something that really suits your unique personality while also helping you live more harmoniously with the Earth with easy-to-decipher ingredients so that you know exactly what you’re getting onto your body when you put it on!

The desire for nature influenced me, that is where I found interest in learning about normal everyday items around us such as pigments or perfumes; after all, since we surround ourselves with these products on daily basis, shouldn’t we understand them?

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